Geometry, colours, pure experimentation and great friendliness in the ‘grande onda’ (big wave) handbag collection inspired by the sea.

Benedetta is full of energy and the drive to experiment.

It’s easy to understand how today her handbags are very much loved, only a few years after her first collection was launched.

From details to materials, everything is brought together to symbolise the fantastic dream that Benedetta reveals through her creations.

Rather than Benedetta creating the bags, the bags seem to reveal their creator, a very subtle dividing line.

Each bag has its own story to tell.

Each bag has its own smell, its own identity, its own personality.

Each bag is an emotion, a sign, an embrace, a smile.

Each bag is a musical note, a composition, a page to be filled.

Each bag is the dream Benedetta that made come true in her artisan workshop in Caprarola, Viterbo.

Benedetta Bruzziches believes in…

energies and desires, not in fortune, nor recommendations. Believes in the young, as well as the old, above all those who have worked hard in their life.
Going into her studio is like falling into a fairy tale. Wooden people, old blackboards, fairy tales and poems, overflowing cabinets. As well as the materials, the pleasure of storytelling, of forms and personalities. The collection is almost secondary, the story makes it wonderful because in the end what is the bag for but to tell the story?…”

CARMEN, a clutch in leather, Nappa or silk, with a very unusual variation, a pivot handle to close it.

Passing to the “Luna” theme, ‘smiling moon in a start sky’, a triumph of secret sensuality and intense personality.
Inspired by the moon and remaining irrepressibly fascinating.

The latest in the collection ‘Grande Onda’ (Big Wave), in plexiglass, emerging from an incessant search for the perfect wave, in a limited and numbered edition.

Experimentation is the boutonniere of Benedetta Bruzziches bags. So much so that today numerous Italian artisans work with this boutique.

From creation to realisation, all her bags exude the intricate quality of ‘know how’ typical of made in Italy.

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