Prestigious, voluptuous and seductive. Tenuta Baron wines, above all the Prosecco, have ‘noble’ feelings of timeless quality.


Time at Tenuta Baron is a real gentleman.

That you can already see from the tree lined avenue leading to Villa Peschini Tattara, in the centre of the estate.

Built in the 17th century, Villa Peschini Tattara hosted the King of Italy, who loved to be surrounded by the park and hills of the estate.

Maybe this nobility has influenced the passing of time and the knowledge of when to wait that is typical of excellent products, and reigning supreme in the wines of Tenuta Baron.

Nothing detracts or hinders nature from its original path, from the centuries-old plants throughout the vast park, to the vineyard spread over six hectares. The vines are over fifty years old and rich in many native varieties that create a lively biodiversity. And framing everything are centuries-old olive trees.

In Tenuta Baron forget single body vineyards.

Here, they created nine Glera plots with different exposures, integrating them with the hills. The plots are worked entirely by hand, including harvesting. The wine is made separately, kept in different vats until assemblage, before the second fermentation, just as they teach at the great Champagne houses.

All this is an obsessive quest for a high level of quality and consistency.

The cellar, built under an olive grove inside the estate, means a shorter processing time for the grapes.
White grapes are pressed as whole grapes, so they are not destemmed, to get the must at a low temperature, not in the fermentation process in the vats. All temperatures are controlled, preserving the primary perfumes and the freshness of the wines.

But to fully understand the intrinsic characteristics of Baron wines, let’s start tasting.

Andrea Sbrissa is a young passionate producer who, together with the Baron family, brings life to the production. With him we’re tasting the Asolo Prosecco Superiore DOCG, King of the Asolo and Montello DOCG denomination.

A millennium Extra Dry Spumante, the company’s apex, made from 100% Glera Grapes selected during manual harvesting, with a lively fruity taste, the intensity of green apple and refinement of white peach. On offer from November 2017 will be the Extra Brut version, a new trend in the world of Prosecco.

We continue with the “Rosè delle stelle“, extra dry rosé spumante, assembled from four wines whose grapes are processed separately (Glera, Verduzzo Trevigiano, Raboso and Merlot).
The two red grapes are processed by ‘bleeding’ from just the pressure of the grapes. After a couple of hours, two rosé bases are extracted. These are then assembled with the two white wines before the second fermentation.

Sensual and radiant, “Rosè delle stelle” reveals all the vivacity of citrus, floral freshness, fragrance of dog rose and the depth of berries.

But Andrea and Giacomo Baron want to innovate..

For them wines have style and beauty – HAVE FUN – and they are fusing the worlds of design and wine, launching new packaging. There are two new 100% Glera spumantis, Camo Wine Bianco Spumante Brut and Jungle Wine Bianco Spumante Brut. Both clothed in designs by emerging artists.

In all the spumantes we tasted we note the refined finish of the bubbles, a creaminess coming solely from 60 days of painstaking work in an autoclave at a very low fermentation temperature.

Before leaving we meet Enrica Beatrice, Giacomo Baron’s mother and it is easy to understand the spirit in this enterprise. In 2007 she started production with the intention of making quality wines.  We’re reminiscing about the day in Tenuta with Enrica, immersed in the centuries old park cradled by the splendid panorama of Pedemontana del Grappa.

In Enrica you find the same artistic originality that animated the tiny medieval village of Asolo and which now you can admire from the hills of Tenuta Baron. Historically loved by poets and artists of all types.

Perhaps it’s the union of heart, passion and creative intelligence, typical of great artists, that has led to the gates of Tenuta Baron being opened.

As a patron, the estate welcomes visitors, making it easy to enjoy moments of cultural encounters or relaxation.

Many cultural and charitable associations supported by Enrica have pleasant days with picnics in the vineyard, musical concerts and aperitifs in “caneva“.

A place beyond Prosecco, it also has its ‘noblehistory and an ability to surprise with its modernity.

Thank you Enrica, thank you Andrea and thank you Giacomo!


Tenuta Baron ‘a noble Italian cheers’

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