“Pasta not pasta”, healthy, rich in nutrition and quick to prepare, originated in Varese


“Pasta” has its own story to tell.
Explained and proposed in a myriad of ways, each one different.

A friend and guaranteed companion of cuisine.
Capable of expressing itself in rich and varied recipes. From the simplest to the most complex, embracing culinary traditions from north to south. And bringing the cultural heritage of whole generations.

A dish full of tales and emotions, pasta is really difficult to give up.

On the other hand, however, dieticians, nutritionists and health practitioners offer contrasting scenarios about the “goodness” of pasta, leaving us in doubt, pasta yes or pasta no?

To answer this question, we’re meeting Monica Neri.

Talented chef and experienced nutritionist, Monica immediately conveys her originality in everything she says and does. For Monica nothing is taken for granted, everything can be improved and integrated to ensure excellent products with optimal nutritional value.

Her philosophy has solid roots, Monica doesn’t just want to just prepare a good pasta dish but also to include the healthiest ingredients, fundamental to our physical well-being. Her own personal need emerged during pregnancy (gestational diabetes). Typical of Monica, she begins to develop a new recipe for artisan pasta.

She studies, experiments and develops different options, but all share an original intuition: legumes

Dal legume alla farina – Cottura a vapore

Until, in 2015, she reaches the perfect combination, making artisan pasta with perfect nutritional balance.

Thus, LEGU was born, a “non-pasta pasta” produced with flour only from legumes. From chickpeas, white beans and yellowed peas in varying proportions.
A real revolution in the pasta world.

A real revolution for the most demanding palates who don’t want to give up the pleasure of pasta but who, for specific needs or simply for physical well-being, limit their intake of traditional flours.

Much to intrigue the maestro Gualtiero Marchesi, who is using it in creative and simple recipes that enhance the taste of the pasta itself.


Paccheri ai fiori di zucca, salmone e zenzero

Legu is a complete dish for everyone. For vegans, it has only vegetable proteins, for coeliacs there is gluten free, for diabetics it has only 26 grams of carbohydrates per serving, and for athletes it fits superbly with a protein rich food plan.

It doesn’t seem right to call it just ‘pasta’, it has so many nutritional properties and the production quality criteria are strictly artisan.


The whole process takes place in a slow, gradual manner without ‘forcing’, fully respecting nature and the environment.

It starts with a careful selection of Italian organic legumes.
It continues with gentle steaming for a few seconds, to keep all the legumes’ properties intact and, at the same time, make them more digestible.
Then, the legumes are dried at a low temperature and finally ground, making the flour for the dough.

Drawn out on bronze, with vegetable proteins, no additives, fibre-rich and gluten-free. One Legù portion (60g) has about 5g of fibres, or 20% of an average adult’s daily recommended nutrition, 14g of vegetable protein and 26g of carbohydrate.

Legù pasta is therefore a delicious alternative to traditional pasta. Quick to prepare, in just 2/3 minutes and very well suited to creative recipes based on natural and light ingredients.
From pickled vegetables to fish (salmon, shrimp, anchovies, clams, etc ..) and to pesto from basil, nuts, rocket or pistachios.

Just add a pinch of fantasy, to bring a “healthy dish, good and fully respecting physical well-being to the table”

Bon appétit!

Nutritional values


one portion (60 g) of Legù pasta has only 26 g of


one portion (60 g) of Legù pasta has 14 g of
vegetable protein.


one portion (60 g) of Legù pasta has about 5 g of
fibres, or 20% of an average adult’s daily recommended nutrition

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