An inspiration from the Marini brothers, Flavio and Fabio, who created a perfect alchemy of colours and positive phrases.

In leather or stainless steel, Wepositive accessories (bracelets, necklaces and rings) all have something in common, positive emotions.

Wearing a Wepositive accessory means having the right spirit, someone who doesn’t let go, never giving up on love, someone who loves to feel special.

That’s why Flavio and Fabio Marini have given their life to their project.

A spirit of optimism that is their real motor to prevail in every field.

But as perfectionists they never settle for a choice of materials and want to ‘engrave’ every accessory with the most meaningful mottos for all of us.

Starting from the most researched and used like ‘Think positive’, ‘Don’t worry be happy’ or ‘Just remember to live’ and exceptionally famous phrases from Italian and international songs. In short, a “positive juice” to carry around with you.

You’re infected by a feel good buzz. It’s easy to choose the message to bring with us.

Interchangeable, to match a casual look or something more elegant, a soft version, a rigid steel look with leather details, pure stainless steel, always with the message you want.

Starting from Italy, these accessories are conquering Europe, the creativity and simplicity of an idea with a lot to tell resonates.

And they do it with many collections, like those for summer 2017: Deep Sea, inspired by marine colours, coral and the sea world it lives in, Explorer dedicated to Africa, rich in nuances inspired by sandy dunes and the unforeseen that this land hides within itself.

The Crazy collection with a strong creative appeal, a game of contrasts that unites itself in the balance of madness. Tropical, where the exotic reigns supreme with magical shapes and geometries on a background of extraordinary tropical colors.

To complement the collections, rings, earring sand necklaces,  all with casual lines and strong stylistic identity.

Every day a positive message you take around!

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