‘Trendnauts’ of food and fashion, taste explorers and style researchers.

With a specific goal: to find new products and the quality of ‘know how’.

During a (un)usual lunch between friends fired by the same passion and inspired by the warm autumn colors, on 21 October 2016 this idea led to the creation of Folloui.

A platform for disseminating and promoting brands and products with a strong sense of innovation and manufacturing.

Small businesses but great ‘masters’ of creation.

Founded by “know-how artisan” entrepreneurs, rich in wisdom and who make their spirits live in the products they make.

For them respect for “time is vital, and this guarantees the creation of ‘unique’ products with care for the tiniest detail.


Whether you are talking about food, fashion or design, the password is always the same: quality. We have decided to look after this by sharing their creations with you.


By following us, you will help support great “artisans” of our time.

Enjoy reading!